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Why Not Swing Trading? (Part I)

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by Ahmad Hassam

Knowing what type of a trader you are, can make or break your investment career. Take the analogy of a football team. All players are talented and super fit. Everyone can throw and catch the ball. Everyone is a hard hitter. However some are more skilled as receivers. Others are more skilled as kickers. If the receiver is going to do the job of the kicker, not many field goal points will be made.

Investing in the currency markets or stock markets is also the same. It depends on your personality makeup what type of trading is best suited to you. In general there are three type of trading styles: Position trading, swing trading and day trading. You need to know what type of trading style is best suited for you.

For example, you expect the USD to strengthen against GBP in the coming six months. You buy currency call options on USD and currency put options on GBP. In currency trading, position trading means you are in a trade for many months trying to capitalize on a major long term move in the currency market. Options traders can also be position traders through covered calls and other options trading strategies. Position Trading is generally the buy and hold strategy employed by most people of investing in stocks over a long haul. Usually positions traders are in a trade for a large long term move like when you carry trade AUD/JPY.

Swing trading is possibly the most dynamic of the three types of trading. A swing trader is able to switch up holding times quickly as the market demands. Swing traders take advantage of technical and fundamental analysis. Swing Trading means taking short term positions in anticipation of quick market movements over a series of days or weeks.

Day trading is not easy. It is certainly not a hobby. In Day Trading, you attempt to capitalize on intraday movements with the markets often trading on momentum and news. Day traders are also known as Kings of Stress. Sometimes when the positions warrants holding for a longer period, day trading can become swing trading!

Day trading is ideal for those who are able to handle erratic market movements while actually also having time to monitor the positions throughout the day. You should note that if you dont have time to watch your trades every moment, you should not think of day trading. Day trading is the riskiest of the three trading styles.

Know That Swing Trading Is a Better Alternative to Day Trading Day trading hardly ever ends up well especially if the trader has no previous professional trading experience. Only 10% of the day traders succeed. Many people are attracted to the glamour and excitement of day trading. Most day trader usually blow up their accounts and fade away soon.

Swing trading can be on the other hand a much more effective trading style especially if you are a newer trader. By holding positions overnight and even for a few weeks, you can expose less money for larger moves. If you are a new trader, think about it for a moment.

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