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Every family should make future investment planning. Insurance is the convenient risk covering investment. It brings life time coverage of any type of loss like life, health and property. People also save tax by making investment in insurance policy.

Unfortunate death can bring disaster to your life. You should take initiative to secure your family by covering under life insurance. Your family can sustain their life through insurance. A big investment can meet each expenditure of your family. You can make an insurance coverage depending on your age, health, retirement plans, income, assets and wealth. You can protect your property for family and future generation. Having insurance policy you do not have to depend on others when the policy holders dies.

In a nuclear family you generally have three members. Husband and wife both are earning members. You can secure your life easily through life insurance. It has made provision for maximum utilisation of your present income. It maintains your standard of living. It helps to meet any unexpected expenses in future. It safeguards your property. It helps you to become independent after retirement. You can plan to purchase property. You can make investment for your child’s education. You can insure your health against any disease.

You have to pay premium after a short interval for your policy. You can receive large benefits from your insured value after your death and even when you are alive. Mutual fund is also related to insurance policy that gives more returns after a short period.

It is very difficult to differentiate between Term and Whole life insurance and thus you cannot make a choice easily. The premium of term life insurance is low at the beginning and it tends to increase with increasing possibility of death. Its coverage is less. The premium of whole life insurance is same through out the life time but its coverage is high. If you own a car or flatbed truck, it will also be under insurance coverage.

You should invest your income for your future in life insurance to make it safe and secured. Doing this will be for the well being of your family and business.

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