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Chefs get quite innovative not only with cooking but with the use of their various aids and tools too. Traditionally they used chafing dishes to cook food slowly on low flame, but now the utility of a chafing dish has changed dramatically. Today chefs use them as storage containers on buffet tables to keep the food warm. With a small burner with low flame the container keeps the inside food warm until service is over.

You can identify the chafing dishes very easily in a shop and get one for your use too. Normally you can use gas burners as well as electricity on these dishes and they come with the required options as you need. You can get silver dishes, silver coated dishes as well as stainless steel dishes with various designs. But in most cases the basic design remains to be a rectangle with a top lid. However you can find some good round dishes too that look nice.

Most often, you place the dish on the serving rack which contains a small gas burner underneath and this can be placed directly on the buffet table where you are arranging the food in front of the guest. If you plan to use a heater, then you will need a power plug nearby to the table.

Cost wise you can say that these are highly priced items. A silver dish will be the most expensive costing you quite a bit where as the stainless steel dish can cheaper and affordable. However they are long lasting too.

More than the utility value, the silver chafing dish carries an antique value. They are designed with very nice and intricate filigree work on them and come with beautifully decorated lid with knobs. Hence the rich and the antique collectors vie for these pieces to add to their collection.

If you are buying for you home use or personal use you can look at buying the stainless steel dishes. Before buying do look at the rest of the crockery and ensure that the designs match. You can even buy a whole dinner set made out of stainless steel too to go with it.

If you are having a self serving buffet at home, it is quite convenient to keep the food warm using the chafing dishes so that the guests can help themselves and enjoy hot food.

With the chafing dishes, you can be rest assured that the food is inviting and hot. This relieves you the burden of having to keep checking and lets you free to play the host. The guests can serve themselves and finally it becomes economical for you too.

In addition to home accessories, this author also regularly gives advice about chafing dish and chest for flatware.

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