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Why Buy Silver Bullion?

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by The Silver Bullion Shop

Buying Silver Bullion is becoming hugely popular. At present, silver is relatively cheap if you compare it to the cost of gold. With it’s lower price, the vast majority of people can afford to buy greater quantities of it. If you compare it to gold, your average person may be able to afford 1 ounce whereas the same person purchasing silver could buy many more times that amount.

Because silver is still cheap, it also attracts people who are speculating that the price to go up. These days, this isn’t too much of a pipe dream because of the booming economies of India and China. These economies will demand more and more precious minerals thus boosting the price of silver bullion.

When buying silver, people tend to buy silver bullion coins and ingots. These types of silver were once found in ancient times. The mystery surrounding these coins only adds to their value.

Older silver bullion ingots typically bring a higher price. Depending on where it was recovered, these ingots can be highly valuable even more so than the actual silver they contain.

Some of the most popular collector pieces are coins. They include the Canadian Maple Leaf coins and U.S. Silver American Eagles as well as Commemorative coins. The Canadian Maple Leaf coins are a series of coins that are minted each year and officially sealed by the Royal Canadian Mint therefore they have added value.

The official coin of the United States is the Silver American Eagle. There are 2 strikes for this type of coin, the business strike and the proof strike. The proof strike is more valuable due to the lessor amount of these types of coins that are produced.

When giving silver bullion coins as gifts, the Commemorative coin is very popular. Commemorative coins are popular because they commemorate a special event or time in history. Because their production is limited, they are quite valuable making them highly sought after.

A weakening economy finds people turning to silver bullion coins and ingots. This is a great investment in case the economy collapses or severely weakens. In this case, the bullion can still be used in trade for goods and services. Hopefully, the economy remains strong enough that we don’t have to abandon paper currency but if it does, silver bullion coins and ingots are a great substitute.

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