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Online Trading Tips

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There are a few different types of option traders. Some option traders are very aggressive, and they can really be called day traders. This type of trader uses a lot of money, and they are in and out of trades all day long. Option traders that trade this way do not usually hold a position overnight. It’s a very stressful way to trade and requires constant attention. I once had a conversation with a day trader who was working about 60 to 80 hours per week in order to successfully trade options this way. But I wonder how successful he really was. Because if he was making so much money, then why did he call me to learn a new way to trade options?

Other option traders like to trade to make an income, but don’t spend their days glued to a computer screen for too long. There are different types of strategies one can trade that allow some time away from the desk. One of the more popular strategies is called a Credit Spread. Some traders do Credit Spreads on stocks while others do them on the Indices. Whichever way you trade Credit Spreads, they can still prove to be very risky. Your Credit Spread won’t be able to handle any drop in the stock market.

Now, those are the two common styles of option traders. There is another type of trader that isn’t quite as common. This option trader trades over earning reports. It can be a really exciting way to trade options and can prove to be very rewarding. There is a lot of risk and luck involved in trading this way but back testing can help you predict how your over-earnings report will go, but there is still a lot of uncertainty.

All the strategies I just mentioned all come with a great deal of risk. There is another type of option trader out there who is doing his best to manage his savings account. He normally tries to take on less risky trades than other traders. He’s more likely to use the two strategies with the least risk available. These strategies are known as Broken Wing Butterfly and Unbalanced Condors and are amongst the least risky trade strategies available for options trades. They can allow trader to trade with minimal risk; in most cases only one to two percent on any given trade.

San Jose Options offers a course that focuses on low-risk option strategies. You may have noticed that options mentoring courses are slowly starting to catch on, but rest assured, San Jose Options has been training students on these strategies, and more, for many years. They specialize in the Broken Wing Butterfly and Unbalanced Condors and their courses are designed for those who are retired and those who wish to invest with options without all the risk. I highly recommend looking to San Jose Options for safer trading strategies.

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