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by Chris Channing

The money you make can be a blast to spend. Responsibility kicks in, though, and your mind should shift to saving the money for when you need it most. For an emergency, a new house, or anything you can think of- knowing how to save your money can keep you out of a tight situation.

The FDIC offers insurance to banks, who in turn offer it to clients. Make sure that the bank you are doing business with is insured with the FDIC. If they aren’t, you could lose all of your money with the blink of an eye should anything happen to the bank. The FDIC only insures a certain amount of money for each account, so a bit more research on this will be required.

Next look at the interest rate- and do your research to see if it has changed in the past. Hesitate in doing business with an institution that fluctuates the interest rate wildly, since this is seen as unstable. An interest rate that is fixed or changes very little over the months is the best option. Interest rates for savings accounts can go as high as 5% or greater.

Banks have several methods of keeping you as a customer- even if you plan to take all of your money out at some point in the distant future. Banks could use fees such as closing costs, minimum account balance costs, and others to keep your account open. Before you do sign an agreement, you should review the fees that you will incur in such cases with a bank representative.

All businesses will have a bad review or two at some point. When you do search to see how a bank looks in the eyes of other customers, keep in mind negative reviews will come up. Only start to exert caution once you read an abundance of bad reviews that would urge you to stay away from the bank. It’s simple research like this that can keep your life on the right track and free of financial drama- as some banks don’t have the best past with customers.

As an unrelated tip, consider continually putting money into the savings account each pay period. Over a long time scale, you will have saved up enough money for emergencies or to buy the more expensive things in life- such as a house or a vehicle. Try not to use any of the money in the savings account unless you have no other choice. It’s best to keep it out of sign and out of mind until greatly needed.

Closing Comments

Sometimes a little self control is all we need to truly become financially stable. Consider also going to financial counseling, if necessary, to create a budget that you can live by. Cut out any unnecessary expenses as well to make a bigger impact in your savings for the future.

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