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While it’s certainly the case that California is undergoing a stiff crisis due to the nature of foreclosures, it might actually be the case that there might be investment potential in CA foreclosures in the years ahead. Certainly, it’s going to be important for anyone thinking of investing in real estate out in California to understand what caused the rate to go up if only to avoid the problem in the future.

For anyone thinking about how to take advantage of the investment potential that exists when something like the rate of California foreclosures out in the Golden State goes up it’s important to also learn how the Golden State missed the warning signs in the past. Most economic experts attribute it to a number of factors, including rampant speculation that occurred even among regular buyers and sellers.

Basically, there were great numbers of sellers and buyers who are gambling that they could play in the real estate market through their homes before any inevitable correction occurred and caught them out before they could take their profits. In effect, they stopped looking at their homes as places to live but instead looked at them like investment vehicles that they could leverage, wrongly as it turned out.

All of this activity is exactly like leveraging in any other market where that is taken on to acquire something that investors hope will appreciate enough in value to eventually pull a nice rate of return out of it. For homes and sellers and buyers, it meant taking on a mortgage that sooner or later was going to be unaffordable if they were still attached to these homes and hadn’t sold them in time.

This went on all the time out in California, where even the drive through clerk at the local fast food restaurant was getting into a home way over his market level. This was due to extremely easy lending and cheap money, for one. Exotic loans were put together and became practically normal. They allowed for “interest only” loans that eventually would turn into regular loans.

All of this worked for a decade or more, though the foundation for this kind of lending was a house built on sand. People were expecting to buy half-million dollar homes and then dump them in a year with a 30% profit in many cases before those loans began to increase in payment. However, the bottom fell out quickly and there are now sea of owners out there sitting on properties they cannot afford.

For an investor these days who’s thinking of maybe putting a toe back into the real estate market out in the Golden State, understanding that it’s going to take fortitude and an ability to accept higher risk than normal might be required. He or she will need cash reserves and a lot of patience to find the right properties that can be improved and sold in the short amount of time, for one.

Of late, the rate of CA foreclosures may have stabilized at least for a while. It’s no secret that these foreclosures have hit California hard and the state didn’t help itself by poorly managing not only its housing inventory but also the way it collected property tax revenues. Smart investors, though, can find a way to make a buck in any market. It appears this one is going to require a lot of patience, though.

Understanding how investors may benefit from CA foreclosures in the future will be essential for anybody who is considering getting back into the real estate markets, either as a home buyer or as a real estate speculator. We’ve got the ultimate inside scoop now on ca foreclosure properties.

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