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Don’t let the slow market get you down. Despite everything you hear in the news, you can get your property sold these days. All you require are some tricks that the pros use. To get your home sold in a short time span, ramp up your real estate property potential using these helpful pointers.

Give your home a makeover that contributes value. That doesn’t mean you ought to run out and install Italian marble. But if hardwood floors are the norm in your neighborhood, replace the carpet. One more thing you can do is to implement the secrets of staging experts, or hire one. Staging could be as easy as a fresh coat of paint, new cabinet hardware and strategically-placed lighting. Think of it as a creative, inexpensive facelift for the home.

Uncover what’s wrong with the property and get it fixed. Don’t wait until that serious buyer finds faulty wiring or a termite problem and after that backs out of the deal. Have an inspection before hitting the market. Also, you need to come up with a comprehensive home-selling strategy. Don’t put an advertisement on Craigslist, stick a sign in your yard and call it a day. Whether you’re going FSBO or employing an agent, selling your home in a buyer’s market uses a well thought-out plan with accurate pricing, targeted improvements and focused marketing and exposure.

In today’s world your best option is to hire an aggressive, well-connected property agent. Find a highly skilled agent with a established track record. In this market, name recognition is important, so discover the go-to person for buyers and their agents in your community. Also, consider helping the purchaser buy your home. Offer incentives that put money in the buyer’s pocket, such as buying down the interest rate, absorbing many settlement costs or offering seller financing.

Consider renting or offering a lease option. Minimize the impact of two mortgages by renting your residence out until you find a buyer. Or offer a lease option to a motivated buyer who doesn’t have sufficient cash to buy a home outright. Have the house move-in ready. Include the furniture, flat-screen TV, washer/dryer, appliances, backyard Jacuzzi AND the drain. The less cash a buyer will have to shell out to furnish the home, the higher the perceived value.

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