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A leather sectional sofa is one of the more chic and contemporary options available if you’re looking for a new piece of furniture for your home. They’ve become more and more popular for their fine looks as well as the durability and simple caring process. If you have a large room, then a sectional leather sofa is perfect! This guide will share some of the important tips that you will need to know before purchasing a new sectional sofa!

The first step before you can begin the search is taking measurements. We want to make sure the sofa you’re going to purchase fits the room, so make sure to measure a maximum size as well as a minimum. A sofa that’s too small for the room will definitely not look right! Come up with an idea of how you would like to configure the sofa and measure that area.

Typically a sectional sofa’s pieces shouldn’t have a problem fitting through your doorways; at least a standard size door. However, not every doorway is standard as I’ve witnessed some extremely narrow doorways. Measure the doorways to make sure the pieces will fit.

Now that you have noted the measurements, let’s start the fun part and shop! The first part in shopping is obviously your budget, but the biggest factor in price is determined by the grain of leather. There’s top-grain leather and split leather, top-grain being on the higher-end side. It has a very natural look and is actually more durable, which means it will also last longer. Usually split-leather is a very consistent color and patterns don’t appear in this type of leather, while top-grain leather can show more than one tone of color.

This brings me to choosing the right color for your new sofa. The most durable option when choosing a color is leather that’s been treated with pigments. There is a negative factor to this treatment; the leather won’t appear as natural or feel as natural as other options. On the other end of the spectrum is aniline-leather which appears and feels the most natural. The reason for this appearance is because aniline-leather does not go through any treatments, but it’s less durable and can stain easily. In between the two options is semi-aniline, which is treated with a light wash.

Suede and nubuck are two other leather options and are created when top-grain leather or split-leather are buffed. This process is what creates the soft look of these materials. Suede and nubuck can easily be stained and do require more attention when it comes to caring for your sectional sofa.

There are many different styles to choose from and once you know the style you like, be sure to check out the style of cushions. Some leather sectionals have removal back cushions which make life a lot easier when cleaning the sofa. However, most come with attached cushions.

Hopefully I’ve helped you in your search for a new sectional leather sofa. With the many options listed online these days, make sure you shop around before making any purchases!

This author is an interior designer located in New York City and is a big fan of modern furniture. Her favorite type of furniture is contemporary headboards and sleigh beds. More information can be found at her blog,

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