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Pro Forex Robot Designed by professional floor traders with individual success spanning nearly three decades! Other robots claim to be able to adapt to changing market conditions. Ron Carter has adapted to every change over the past 28 years and has come out ahead every single month with no more than a few days off a year. His career depended on accountability and performance, just like PFR! Ron employed two true math geniuses, one market algorithmic expert, three Metatrader programmers and last but not least his three floor trader partners. Taking only the floor traders combined experience into consideration, we’re talking a mind blowing 104 years trading! WHY DID WE DO IT: Ron put together his all-star team first and foremost to stay in the game. I bet you thought his reason was to make more money. Money is a secondary consideration at this point in Ron’s life. He has accrued what is best called generational wealth, with his kids and his kid’s kids not ever having to worry about working if they don’t want to.

Each Forex-Megadroid Pro and Professional Forex Robot are foreign exchange robots otherwise generally known as knowledgeable advisors that run in your computer. They robotically generate and execute trades so there is no human intervention apart from ensuring that the computer is on during their buying and selling hours as well as adjusting the system settings. Both of these robots fall into the class of scalping methods which means that they generate very brief term intra day trades. I’ve traded each of those programs live for a few months.

Forex-Megadroid Pro is an improvement over the original forex robot called “Forex-Megadroid”. Forex-Megadroid is a system that was created by Albert Perrie and John Grace who both have 38 years of combined Forex trading experience. The unique thing about this system is that it is based on RCTPA (Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis) Technology which means that the forex robot automatically adjusts its trading to meet the changes in current volatility levels and market conditions.

Pro Forex Robotwas created by 3 tech geniuses Steve, Mike and Ulrich who put in countless hours into the research and development of this amazing forex robot. They studied what was already on the market, identified the best and then made improvements to it. Pro Forex Robotconsists of both a scalping strategy and a long term trading system. For the purpose of this articles we will focus on the Pro Forex Robotscalping strategy only.

I traded Pro Forex Robot live from May 2010. Pro Forex Robot has a tendency to make multiple trades each day. The problem in my opinion is that, stop losses are too large compared to target profit figures. When you hit stop losses you will usually need at least 5 to 10 or more winners to make up for each losing trade. A huge difference between stop loss and large profit target make this forex robot very high risk. I’ve made some money initially and then I’ve noticed a string of losses and decided to stop trading Pro Forex Robotlive. I continued trading Pro Forex Roboton a demo account for several more weeks. I found that the performance of this robot has gradually deteriorated after I started trading it live. The strings of losses continued on the demo till I lost about 40-50% of the account. I decided to call it quits. With that being said I haven’t tried the newest updated version of Pro Forex Robot and I have read on their site that there were some improvements to the robot.

I have traded Foreign exchange Megadroid Professional live now for three months. One factor I’ve noticed that, unlike Forex Robot Pro, Forex Megadroid Professional is a very selective foreign exchange robot. It does not execute many trades however the ones which can be taken are normally fairly accurate. In the 3 months of trading I’ve only skilled 2 larger losses. As with all scalping system cease losses might be bigger than goal profit figures. Nevertheless, in each instances full cease losses were not hit and so they were limited to solely 15-25 pips. This system is also superb with preservation of capital as demonstrated by restricted losses and a few break even trades. The performance of this robot has been steady and fairly constant so far. As of the time of writing, Forex Megadroid Professional has not yet been accessible on the market to the overall public. The one people that have acquired the system t are the ones that acquired it as a bonus after purchasing Professional Forex RobotEvolution. For more information on the most recent efficiency of Forex-Megadroid Pro watch my weekly video updates. Overall The each foreign exchange robots are superb in trading currency and earning money for people.

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