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There’s something to watch out for in the town of Hoquiam, Washington. A high-end development project is underway to transform its downtown waterfront into something exciting and enjoyable.

Hoquiam’s transformation is well worth keeping an eye on, for this community will explore change to keep itself intact in heart and spirit, a logging community from its inception with much sensitivity and a well-meaning stubbornness to what is truly important, family and sense of community. It is these same ideas that has given rise to what can be achieved with the Hoquiam waterfront development.

In Hoquiam town, change is coming, development is being seeded to bring better opportunities and growth to the community as a whole, as it was several generations ago when the town and its people made themselves and their sons and daughters a place to be called home through logging, with the ancient forest yielding to change to bring forth a quality of life still after decades past is celebrated in all appreciation.

It is on this tradition that the towns people of Hoquiam have built their reputation and their knack for survival and fortune, but like any other place, change must inevitably make its mark, not so much so with the people and what they stand for, but with some facets of their towns physical attributes like infrastructure and economy.

The waterfront and the community as a whole can also offer an ambiance that is relative to the word unwind and not surprisingly this ability to relax people through nature’s beauty is one of the secrets of the towns ability to persevere and be hard working people without losing their sense of belonging of who and what they stand for.

Change and improvement of the waterfront facilities will bring in new income to the town coffers through new businesses and the accompanying tourist and local purchases of goods and services, which means better local government services for the locals. So, it’s a win-win situation for Hoquiam not only in economic terms but also ultimately in its communal pride and prestige.

The people of Hoquiam can also look to their tradition and heritage that they have stood the test of time, that the development of the waterfront into something new and accessible will be a testament to their will as a community to face the new day as bravely and with much conviction as their neighbor’s to the east such as the town of Aberdeen, whom they’ve had a sort of friendly rivalry.

Hoquiam can grow and flourish by taking its chances and reminding themselves that they are where they are because of innovation and facing head on the challenges of change.

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