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We live in a world where money has taken different forms. Apart from credit cards, we have the traditional ones: banknotes and coins. Elsewhere in the world bills and coins are still what people use more often. There is another use of physical money, especially coins – collecting. Right since the gold rush, precious metals have been an attraction to people. For some reason, there are people who think that collecting precious stones or coins is not for them. Anyone can find coins within their budget. Jewels and antiques are usually out of rich of general public with prices going up to several million a piece. Whereas, anyone can afford to buy a 100 dollar coin even a kind. Investment in coins has strong reasons. Collectible and not nominal value is what makes coins desired by collectors. I would also classify a third type of value that makes gold and silver coins a great investment – the intrinsic value of the precious metals they are made of. Depending on the mintage and other parameters, the additional collectible value for collectors can differ. The price a collectible coin will never be lower in 10 years than it is now, precisely because of mintage and historical value. Even in bad years collectible coins appreciate 5-6% of their price.

The idea behind the market of collectible coins is one of the best of all investments. There are several essential benefits of unique collectible coin investments over stamps, pictures, antiques, and even pure gold bars, so let’s find out what makes coins so attractive to collectors. One of the reasons people buy coins is their close association with our history. One can study the history of our land by looking at collectible coins. Like all markets – coin market reacts to the price-driven, internal forces of the supply/demand equation.

That’s what everyone dealing with coin investments should now. There are many other circumstances that determine the current value of the coin and its potential value in some time. It’s important which country emitted the coin. Coins emitted in the USA will always be much more valuable than coins produced in Liberia. Bigger, more affluent countries with eventful history like USA will always draw more attention to their collectible coins. It is obvious that coin that was minted in 500 pieces is much more difficult to find than the one with a mintage of 100,000. That’s why generally it should cost more. Rarity is crucial, when thinking of investing in coin. Coins are more expensive when they are made of gold with a touch of precious extras. These extras can make a coin more popular. Coins can be produced either independently or in series. Generally series of coins are more demanded than single emissions. The first coin in series may not interest you, but some other in series can.

If a collector has got hold of all the coins he likes, he then be tempted to buy the missing ones. Interesting topic will pull more people to complete the set. More widespread theme is more demanded. Rare American coins are what all collectors want to see in their possession.

If you have 200$ or 20,000$ and want to see it grow, then you can certainly be among the many people who invest in coins.

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