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God scattered the people and separated them by foreign language when he discovered the Tower of Babel. Now Forex citizens are being separated from the rest of us by terminology. It is a language that can easily be understood amongst the masses of Forex traders, while the rest of us are left speechless.

Although the terminology used by the foreign exchange inhabitants makes perfect sense to themselves it all sounded like babble to me when I set out to learn it. Traders know best the language of shortened phrases, acronyms, and idioms that explains what they want during speeches of exchanges and trades. Any new or experienced Forex civilian must learn and be comfortable with the language.

Without any question, not being educated and fully prepped in this speech to converse with fellow speakers you will be left in the dust. Confused by the terminology or not being aware of sayings they use, you can forget about embarking on the career of a Forex trader all together. At lease for now.

Forex is the leading financial market of the world and trades all global currencies in real time. To shine in any way in the Forex market the basic language is a must.

Basic terminology

The basic terminology of the Forex globe must be known to get by in the utmost way.

Bullish, if you are bullish you have a general tendency to trade on the long side of a currency pair and believe that pair will increase in price.

Bearish, if you are bearish you will have a general tendency to trade on the short side of a currency pair and believe that pair will decrease in price.

Going long refers to buying a currency pair with the hope that the price will go up.

Selling a currency that is not yet owned with the intent that there will be a decrease in price so that the currency pair can be put back at a lower price than it was sold for is called, Going Short.

5) Pip- a popular word meaning the smallest price change a currency pair can make. Generally it is equal to 10USD on full size lots of 100,000.

The offering of information to the seller on the variety of prices being offered is Range. It also the highest and lowest prices of the currencies.

There are tons of websites, and dictionaries that offer a full range of definitions for the Forex world of language. If you are interested in a Forex trading career you must be fully prepped on the terminology needed for conversation. If you are not you will be one of the lost souls roaming around not being able to talk to any of your fellow Forex inhabitants. And nobody wants that, do you?

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