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Online Trading Tips
'italic;' class='tradesbyline'>by Ahmad Hassam

Currency trading is the name of the game right now. Currency trading is being called the Recession Proof Business of the 21st Century. The currency market is the crossroads for international capital, the intersection through which the global commercial and investment flows have to move. We like to think of the currency market as the, Big Kahuna of the financial markets. Currency Market is the most traded financial markets in the world.

'italic;' class='tradesbyline'>by Sheryl Bocelli

The exchange market covers various sectors and how to read the stock market with various commodities is important to consider and be familiar with. Every investor and trader must learn how to read the stock market signals and symbols for him to understand the lingo of the industry. For a simplistic view, all these goods or products offered in the marketplace are popularly referred to as stocks, actually refers to ownership rights in a company. Trading is the focal point of the business. It may involve buying or selling of stocks to be executed in a certain sector of a marketplace where products offered come in the form of stocks, bonds, securities, and many more which are usually intangibles.

'italic;' class='tradesbyline'>by Rudolf Brits

In the world of Forex nothing is so out of place. It seems that even androids have found their way into the technology. With new programs being developed every day should you be considering finding a robot counterpart? A program capable of sifting threw hundreds of information each day? If it came down to it who would you are taking recommendation from, a robot or a human?

Personally I am a large believer in the androids. You’d be stunned at how smart robots are. The explanation for this I feel is kind of easy because androids don’t count emotions they count numbers. They put the odds in your favor with no doubt.

'italic;' class='tradesbyline'>by Bart Icles

Before you can start trading in the foreign exchange market, you must first be able to open and setup an account. Any forex tutorial will tell you that having a forex account is a prerequisite to trading. Very much like in trading in the equity market, currency trading will require you to open a trading account.


Candlestick Patterns (Part II)

'italic;' class='tradesbyline'>by Ahmad Hassam

The Bearish Gravestone Doji: A Doji candlestick pattern is created when the opening and closing prices of the day are the same. Dojis appear very rarely in the candlestick patterns. It is very rare for the opening and closing prices for the day to exactly equal each other. However, if both the opening and the closing prices are sufficiently close, we say a Doji candlestick pattern has been formed. The Gravestone Doji, the most bearish of Doji, is formed when the opening and closing prices of the day are equal to the low of the day.


Candlestick Charts

'italic;' class='tradesbyline'>by Ahmad Hassam

Unless you understand Candlestick charting, you cant trade and invest effectively. Many options exist for the charting of currencies with the advancement of technology. There are several types of charts. The four main charting methods are: 1) Line Charts, 2) Point and Figure Charts 3) Bar Charts, and 4) Candlestick charts.

For a number of reasons, the three charting methods pale in comparison with the candlestick charting. With a simple glance on the candlestick charts you can understand whats going on with the price of a currency pair. One of the best features of candlestick charting is its visual appeal and readability.

by Sam Nielson

I have been investing for over 20 years and trading for almost 14, and I have learned that if you really want to make HUGE and FAST money, it is better to short term trade rather than investing, trading can make you turn your trading into a full time business.

If you are investing, you must have already achieved some degree of financial success, long term stock investing and FOREX can help you become much richer than you are today.

My experiences as a Nasdaq Market Maker, head trader of several brokerage firms, and currently as a professional trader and private hedge fund manager, I can suggest you: