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Online Trading Tips

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by Sharon Demeter

Some people who are new to stock investing might feel intimidated when they go online to try to figure things out. Yet, with all the turmoil in the markets and so many people losing money, people who might never have gotten interested in the stock market want to take a look at it. With the Dow being the lowest it has been in over ten years, these people are probably thinking that now might be a good time to get on board. They should know though, that just because the market is low doesn’t mean it can’t go lower.

You don’t have to feel like it too intimidating to get into the stock market. If you want to know how to buy stocks, you should know that you could open an account and start buying online without ever talking to any human person. So, if you feel intimidated by all the market jargon and are hesitant to get involved, you should know that it is quite easy.

Opening an account online is no different than opening up any other type of account where you input your information, user name, and password. All you have to do is send your money in which will go into your account and you can start buying stock with the click of your mouse.

Before you open a real account, if you want to learn about buying stocks, one of the best ways is to join a fantasy online stock trading game. There are several of them where you can set up an account and trade stocks just like you would online only with virtual fake money. These games let you get used to all the nuances of the market and you will be managing your own portfolio. Of course nothing is ever like the real thing but this is a good way to learn about stocks and how to do the research. Some of these stock trading games are available for free and even give out prizes!

It is important to remember for beginners that they can lose money in the stock market. Once your first stock is purchased, it can go down just like we have seen in the last year and a half. That is perhaps why it is scary because you know that your money is in play and you can lose if your stock goes down. However, it should be noted that the stock market has been a historically good place to invest and beginners should remember that.

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