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Would-be investors who are ignorant about stocks may look online for information about the stock market. Because they feel like they’re in over their heads, they look for basic principles with searches such as “stocks for beginners.” The fortunate thing for these beginners is that they probably have never invested in the stock market and didn’t lose any money in it during the recent crash. Veteran investors who had money in stocks have probably lost much of it due to current market conditions, and are not feeling so well financially.

You should learn from this horrendous market correction that nothing is safe in the stock market. Some people have lost way more than they should have because they were over confident and had too much of their money in stocks. Additionally, many lost because they had too much in one particular stock or one particular sector.

The amount of money tied up in stocks is also dependent on your age. Since the stock market can prey on you, you might not want to invest money you’re planning on using anytime soon. The more years go by, the more we need to save up for our nest egg and health care concerns. If you’re old enough, you might be risking losing all of your retirement money in the event of market failure.

A good principle to remember is to always invest in a variety of stocks. This is known as stock diversification and it will help protect you if one stock falls in value. Buying stock in different industries is also a good idea, because it offers some protection in the event an entire industry fails. However, in a down market where almost all stocks and industries have fallen, as they have recently, even diversification may not help that much.

The current market remains down from its past highs. Some people have lost their entire fortunes, including retirement savings. A problem faced now, as the market recovers, is that many former investors have nothing left to invest to recover some of their losses. Others have lost confidence in the market and will not reinvest, so they also are missing any possible gains from the market’s recovery.

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