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Online Trading Tips

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The next time you are shopping try to keep the following hints in the back of your mind to protect your finances and your wallet!

1. Be careful if you are doing all of your shopping in one store. Studies show that when all purchases are made in one place consumers tend to buy more. This is because of the “what the heck” effect. If you are spending three hundred dollars on clothes, what is another fifty dollar pair of jeans going to do to hurt your finances any more?

2. Bargains may not always be cheaper. Clinical studies shows us that we tend to make more purchases when merchandise is marked down. Also, we have a tendency to fall for schemes such as “three low payments of 29.99″

3. Try to pay with cash as often as possible and put credit cards on hold. When you’re using cash you can see the amount of money that you’re spending as your wallet gets smaller. Credit cards on the other hand can be deceptive and often times you can fall prey to the attitude that “I already have debt might as well add more.”

4. Studies show that your emotional state can have an effect on the amount of items you purchase. Being in a miserable mood can cause impulsivity which leads to spending money on items that might not be necessary.

5. For many people shopping is way of socializing and exercising to relieve stress. It might be a good idea to take up some activities to keep your mind off of shopping and spending. Try hobbies such as jogging or a book club that don’t require spending any cash.

6. Be careful with your debit card because it encourages more spending on small ticket items that don’t seem like a big deal at the time but add up after the fact.

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