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Since 2008, the latest “Great Recession” has totally transformed the way the economy operates and how investors decide which companies are worth investment. Today’s savviest investors know that you can’t simply run off half-cocked and merely hope for the best. Instead, “safe” investments demand impeccable stock research that goes beyond mere charts and entails comprehensive background information, reports, clear ratings and easy to understand company information. That’s why the advent of free equity research through now offers traders and investors with a toolkit of total knowledge and smarter investment strategies. More importantly, WikiWealth’s research is 100% free and surpasses what investors have come to expect from even paid stock analysis for companies and providers.

How does beat the competitors hands down?

* Current, updated stock prices, report updates, news updates, chart updates and enhanced chart functions are just a few of the tools investors have access to around the clock

* WikiWealth was created by investors, for investors – with an eye towards simplifying and explaining stock analysis for both the novice and seasoned investor

* WikiWealth offers 75 Excel-based valuation tools as educational resources

* WikiWealth allows investors to take advantage of Wall Street analysis tools including: discounted cash flow analysis, WACC analysis, relative value multiples analysis, Buffett formula analysis and 10 year projected financial results

Wall Street’s traditional approach can’t complete with WikiWealth’s transparency and quality. Even Yahoo finance and Google’s tools don’t provide the answers you’ll see at In addition to free stock research, an investor can find numerous other investment research reports:

* Currency Reports

* Commodity Research

* Fund Research

* Industry Reports

* Country-specific research reports for international investors

The WikiWealth investment mentality embraces the opportunities that thrive in the midst of economic risk. Far from viewing investing as yet another form of gambling, WikiWealth knows that with a clearly defined investment strategy and a wealth of relevant, highly targeted investment and equity research, the educated investor can bravely dare to penetrate markets and opportunities that exist where other investors fear to tread. With an Investing Forum, Investing Tips and even Investing Videos, WikiWealth goes beyond the basics and has emerged as THE leading provider of in-depth, free stock research and information for investors the world over.

Learn more about FREE stock research. Stop by Paul Market’s site where you can find out all about WikiWealth’s equity research and what it can do for you.

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