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For prospective customers interested in learning more about Breeze, the mobile banking application that runs on the iPhone and offered by Standard Chartered Bank, as well as existing customers considering using this service, several resources are available to help. Some people learn best by reading information, some by being hands-on, and then some people are visual. To ensure that everyone can learn about this innovative online and mobile banking solution, several unique tools and resources have been created.

The current plan is for Breeze to be launched in India and Hong Kong, which would soon be followed with a release for international markets. Because this mobile banking solution is so different from what customers have received through other banks thus far, it has been received incredibly well. However, officials at Standard Chartered Bank are wise, knowing that over time, the needs of their customers will change and to provide them with seamless online and mobile banking service, they need to make appropriate changes to Breeze from time to time.

Standard Chartered Bank and Breeze have online presence through a number of social media networks to include,, and For the videos, they load through YouTube, providing excellent clarity and sound.

Additional information is important to understand, helping financial institutions identify the areas in which their system is weak. As an example, the amount of money allotted to IT departments for overall operations includes less than 5% being spent on training for security awareness. Additionally, of companies interviewed, as much as 90% stated the company had some type of computer security incident within the past 12-month period.

Because information such as this is easy to come by, it should be used by all businesses with online presence, especially for financial institutions. If more banks would conduct research and put appropriate security measures in place, incidences of cybercrime would decrease. For the people at Standard Chartered Bank, they wanted to make sure that when their mobile banking application was used on the iPhone, and soon the iPad, customers would have peace of mind knowing their information is protected. The way this was accomplished was to implement a type of second-tier protection.

Another opportunity to hear about this innovative product in a different light is the video listed as “Breeze Footage on Channel NewsAsia.” For this, the Asian news channel dedicated a short segment to Breeze, running through some of the primary features. With NewsAsia being a big production company, being provided with air time about a mobile banking solution such as this says a lot about Standard Chartered Bank, the creator, along with the iPhone application itself. features three additional videos, which are extremely beneficial for people to watch, whether existing or potential customers with a personal or business account. The “Breeze Manage” video explains how Breeze makes it possible for bank customers to manage money wiser using the bank’s online services coupled with the Breeze iPhone application.

Then, the “Breeze See” provides an overview of how customers can log on and review the account of choice, followed by the “Breeze Move”, another short demonstration for transferring money from one account to another using the Breeze mobile banking application. All these videos combined have been extremely advantageous to the public and as more and more people make the choice to use Breeze, they finally have the chance to experience everything learned in the videos first-hand.

Learn More about Online Banking Service visit Breeze by Standard Chartered

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