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It cannot be denied that once you mentioned the City of Hoquiam, it will give you the idea about the fine woods that grew abundantly thus Hoquiam had been branded as the land of fine woods since time immemorial. These rich natural resources then became the major way of living in the community itself.

Real estate development took place anywhere which added to the profit specifically the Polsons. Indirectly, the town grew up to its own when men came pouring to the place to work in the logging camps thus the little town became a city. Hoquiam WA had developed its own name so the story goes through hard labor and perseverance of the proud people of Hoquiam WA.

The abundant forest of Hoquiam became the main source of livelihood for the people. This became their noble profession by giving quality services when it comes to woodworks. Many businessmen poured into this simple little town and established large number of saw mills and lumber concessions. Due to this, many men poured in to work to earn a living including their families.

The yearly festival so called ‘loggers Play day and other important event s were internationally known making a record for the people of Hoquiam. The popularity of their little town became more visible when writers took notice of them and wrote their own stories and to those who have witnessed their activities.

The Polson’s Family was one among those who became more powerful in this venture. They have put up two (2) sawmills and one (1) shingle mill. In fact, they had built 2 grand mansions in the area one of which was preserved as the Polson museum and was made as National Registries Historical Place. The Polson’s likewise had acquired 2o logging camps and construction camps, 100 miles of railroad and a vast series of valuable logging equipments than can produce 300 million feet of logs every year. Alex Polson then made Hoquiam his home since then. Soaring high in the lumber and logging business, they expanded further in real estate business.

The waterfront is an ideal place for Hoquiam WA to expand its business in this area with reference to its neighboring towns which was successful and had generated additional profit to the city and its people. A lot of businesses thrive in this particular area because of its many attractions.

This additional development will surely give enormous profit to everybody. To change an almost stagnant waterfront is something profitable that will benefit the place not only the people but will also give as an additional attraction for the tourists and other passers.

There are various information and documented records of the past declaring the facts about Hoquiams logging and lumber past events. Those who can read about their wealth of information send us their unique history on how those lumber barons became powerful which had also contributed to the peoples way of living which had been their pride. In fact, a yearly festival for lumberjacks is held to commemorate their glorious past.

Wade Entezar explains how Hoquiam takes stock in the future and its riverfront.

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