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Swiss Private Banking Services offers family office, wealth management, private banking, trust formation, asset protection, investment strategies, tax minimization and all other private banking services. If you would like to know more about the services offered by Swiss Private Bank, contact us for more information.

Working with a top Swiss Private Bank, we have a global clientle of corporate and private clients including Royalty, Movie Stars and many of the worlds mega-rich.

For H.N.W.I.’s who would like to deposit a minimum of 500,000 USD, you can speak to one of our representatives. Our services include:

Asset Protection Services

Investment Banking


Family Office

Swiss Bank Law

A designated representative of the bank will introduce you to the services via telephone. A Swiss Banker can then offer to meet you in a bank in Switzerland, or wherever is convenient for you. These services are offered for clients meeting the $500,000 USD minimum deposit threshold.

If you do not know which Private Banking services you need, get in touch or fill in a free consultation request.

A Swiss ‘Private’ Bank account is not to be confused with a regular Swiss Bank Account. Swiss Private Accounts offer the highest quality banking services available. There are many reasons why a Corporation or Firms or even private citizens choose to open up a Swiss private bank account. Swiss private banking is the most prestigious banking in the world. Private bankers build up strong relationships with their clients helping them to ensure a more financially prosperous outlet for them. Private bank accounts in Switzerland are usually only offered to clients with $500,000 USD to deposit or consistently outstanding growth in business/personal revenue.

Swiss tax is lower than other European countries.

Want to find out more about Swiss Private Banking?, then visit our site on how to choose the best Swiss Bank Account for your needs.

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