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America’s day’s of reminding ourselves of our independence and those who fought for it has unfortunately dwindled in its pride and prosperity with an economic downhill said to be the worst since the Great Depression. The American people, despite all the greed and negligence of our government, along with our newly appointed President Barack Obama have not given up on the young and strong USA. Hope and prosperity has indeed been infiltrated by President Barack Obama. Will he deliver after those shouted promises?

People are pumped with anticipation after the announcement of President Barack Obama’s ‘Stimulus Package’ and investors and traders of the economy are oozing with less risk and embarking on a path of more stability, in an environment less than stable.

A Glance at the Stimulus Package

Its main purposes are to refurbish trust in the finance industry, aka senior executives getting HUGE payouts, not so trusting, and to thwart panic and fear for the investors, like the ones imbedded in 2008; as well as bring aid to the people and boost the economy. President Barack Obama’s stimulus package includes numerous amounts of helpings for feasting like a Thanksgiving dinner; offering immediate relief for families, such as cutting taxes, extension on unemployment benefits and suspension on their taxes, and tax credit for first time home buyers. Sending tax relief out like Santa Claus at Christmas time to improve education, healthcare, alternative energy production, invest in science and research technology, and “modernize federal infrastructure”. These tax rebates embolden the consumers spending, and aids to their confidence towards the US economy.

The Forex Market and Obama’s Stimulus Package

Seeming to go hand in hand with each other, stimulus meaning to intend stimulation, incentive or spur; market is a place to sell, promote, a bazaar in synonyms. Meant to add stimuli to the U.S. economy, in hopes to uproar the downturn is indeed President Barack Obama’s stimulus package; in so creating jobs for people. This is the largest investment in the U.S.A. infrastructure since the 1950’s, spelling out a hefty approximation of $800 billion, undoubtedly leaving republicans and some democrats running scared due to this fact. Contradictory the Forex market’s investors and traders are enabled to loosen the leash per se on the stomping grounds of investments and trades.

Coined as the rescue plan, traders and investors are gambling on looking past the low economic stance and the decreased job figures, and instead factoring in the stimulus package as an asset to help lift stocks; bringing risk to the guillotine. With the dear sentiments of risks upgrading, high yielding currencies have heightened along with the hopes of the financial world. However, despite all the happy sensitivities towards the outcome of currency markets, investors and traders are fully aware there is no accurate forecast foretelling the future of their perceived desires. Analysts have been like fortune tellers advising that economy and their governments that there are still the overwhelming duties of mending and placing them back on the right path; corporate earnings still have the outlook of worsening. May hope and restructure prevail; never loosing faith.

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