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People are very different from each other. Individuality is what makes us different from each other. We think differently and we act differently on the same situation given we have our own experiences in the past. But, it is in one attitude that helps us go through life as a winner and that is the winning attitude. The never-say-die attitude will help us excel.

To become a winner in life, it is about having the attitude. To maintain such attitude, what you need is to start the day right. You can start the day right by smiling and laughing. Get yourself a joke and laugh heartily. It will surely set your day up right.

When things go awry it is normal for people to feel sad and upset about it. No one likes to fail or disappoint others. But come to think of it, digest what really happened and scoop out the lesson from that experience and learn from it.

Live a life with prayers and faith. Whether you are a Catholic or a Muslim or a Jew, prayers can help you get through the toughest times in your life and you come out strong as ever.

When you think everything is hopeless and dim, it is time for you to laugh and be light. Always have a reason to laugh because when the time comes that you run out of reason to laugh, it is also the time when you run out of reason to live.

Inspire others to fight against the challenges they face in life. When someone is about to give up, tell them a story at a time when you were faced with that decision to either fight or give up and you chose to fight even if the odds were against you.

Sometimes we forget to be thankful for the lessons we learned and for the challenges we faced that made us stronger. In fact, it is in these trials that made us human and we forget to be thankful that it happened no matter how painful it is.

Acknowledge that you are different and you are a walking mistake. You are a person who makes mistakes and stumbles upon making them but you are also a person who corrects those mistakes by apologizing and making sure it does not happen again.

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