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Like a carnival free-fall ride that stops suddenly, teasing riders into a false sense of safety before plummeting the rest of the way to the ground, some economists say the housing market could once again be headed for a plunge after slowly clawing back some of its 2008 losses.

It is rare that a combination of government factors depresses the real estate market, but projections indicate a slump of 10-15% in prices may be coming our way.

After a 36 month departure from the peak of the real estate market, the topic of the day is still real estate and the current trend in prices. Chicken Little Syndrome initiated the bust and has continued its decline, even though we did have 7% appreciate across the nation this year

The function of the FHA is to make sure those who would not normally be able to buy a home, can do so, but they are raising their standards which will make buying a home harder for poorer buyers.

Using the huge number of loan defaults, the FHA reasoned that raising the required down payment for buyers with the lowest credit, increased the PMI premiums for its loans, and reduced the amount of seller pre-paids and closing costs allowed.

Conventional loan programs are having a hard time placing loans with qualified borrowers, who are turning to FHA financing for easier loans

For a lot of people the FHA was their only resort, said economist Dean Baker, co-director of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Economic Policy. Being forced to utilize FHA type loans, many buyers are finding a great resource in them in a time when conventional loan money is more than difficult to get. With financing for home buyers as well as home builders being so important to the recovery of the housing market, FHA financing is one great way to find help.

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