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Online Trading Tips

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You might have heard of Forex, but did you realize that one of the fastest developing markets is foreign exchange trading? Forex trading can be done from the comfort of your home while sitting in your favorite recliner, but you can also make trades from just about anywhere else you’d like to do it. Forex, or “foreign exchange trading,” is trading in currency pairs and does not involve the more typical trading in stocks or bonds. Although now exploding in popularity, Forex trading only became available to individuals a few years ago. In fact, the Internet’s speed is what made it possible for people to trade in the Forex market. Before the Internet, manually placing trades at precisely the right times was almost impossible because Forex is such a fast-paced market.

Different forex traders have developed different Forex Systems to ensure their success, so that they get in and out of trades at the right time. Most of them use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, where fundamental analysis looks at the health of a particular currency’s country — its political, social and economic stability. The more stable a particular currency’s country is, the more stable (and therefore valuable) that currency is likely to be, too.

Technical analysis focuses on trends; how well has a particular currency been doing in the past, and therefore, what is its forecasted performance for the future? By utilizing both of these types of analysis to determine how well a particular currency is likely to do, you can determine how much you should trust a particular currency, which will in turn determine how you trade.

Different subsystems can be used within a Forex trading strategy, especially within the technical analysis. One very simple but powerful Forex trading system enables a trader to achieve maximum Forex profits by looking at the “simple moving average” (SMA) of a specific currency. This Forex trading strategy is often referred to as the “three duck” system. The trader begins with “Duck No. 1″ by looking to see whether a particular currency’s prices are above or below the 60 SMA during a four hour period of time. If the price is below the 60 SMA, the trader might want to consider selling short. “Duck No. 2″ is evaluated next. A shorter time period is looked at for Duck No. 2, which is evaluated by using the one hour chart. If the currency’s price is still below the 60 SMA, then a short sale is looking even better. The “ducks” are lining up and this alignment provides an even stronger signal that you should sell. “Duck No. 3″ is the last stage and breaks things down even more by looking at the five minute chart. If the currency’s price in that time period is below the 60 SMA for Duck No. 3 as well as the two other “ducks,” it’s a definite signal for selling short.

Stoplosses, too, can be effective tools to help you determine when you should sell, such as if you’re stoplosses above the high on the one-hour five-minute chart; as a positional trader, go for the high on the four-hour chart of a longer time. Instead. Or come you can simply used a fixed stoploss, setting a point from entry, such as 30 pips.

Whichever Forex trading strategy you select, you need to thoroughly understand it and be able to use it for making rapid decisions. When you use a simple Forex trading system that you thoroughly understand and trust you will also be able to keep your emotions at bay while making trading decisions. Ensuring that your trading decisions are unemotional is essential for successful Forex trading. When your analyses say you should get out of a particular position, don’t stay in because you hope to make more money or regain some of your losses.

When you are first starting out, do take advantage of the tools Forex brokers give you so that you can ease on in and start slow. First, practice before you trade with real money. Most Forex brokers will let you open a demo account so that you can practice seeing what currency trends look like, when to get in and out of trades, how to place stop loss orders, and so on. And when you’re ready, most Forex brokers will also let you trade with very small amounts of money so that you’re not risking much when you trade. In fact, many in Forex traders will you begin your trades with as little as $10. It’s true that your profits will be small, but so will your losses.

Finally, never trade with money you can’t afford to lose. Done with an effective Forex System, maximum Forex Profit can indeed be yours — but you are going to lose sometimes, and will need to be prepared for that and be secure; only trade with money you can afford to lose, learn your way around the Forex market and see how it works, and then trade with what you can afford so the you can be secure in your trades — and make a Forex Profit, too.

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