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by Gary Stuart

There are many Foreign Exchange trading robots available today…so what’s the buzz with the latest one and does it work? Well when analyzing potential Forex trading Robot software programs like FAP Turbo, you have to be on the look out for little tricks that the software developer try to use in order to trick us into believing their software is spectacular.

One such ruse is by showing us the results of “back tests”.

Be on the lookout for tactics such as these, as back tests only show you a sample trade with the software is in demo mode – which is usually acceptable, but in most cases they have been doctored to fit the results needed.

The thing you need to pay attention to is the equity curve (showing your potential rise in earnings each day/week/month).

After visiting the FAP Turbo website and looking at the back test equity curve, FAP Turbo seemed at first like so many of the other Forex trading programs out there…a little too good to be true for my liking.

So, in order to establish whether the FAP Turbo system is legit or not, we need to consider the following factors:

1. Longterm Winning Percentage Must Be Proven

Drawdown is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing Forex trading software because it measures the maximum percentage of capital that the software has lost you.

The beauty of FAP Turbo is that the winning rate in the past 9 years has been 95% on average, with live testing showing even better winning percentages.

Just this proof alone was enough to tell us that this software will make you money.

2. Drawdown

And of course, the foremost key to a good Forex robot is the winning percentage it produces. Now, many people take figures that are produced over a couple of weeks as golden, but the real secret is to look at long term figures for a better representation.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of forex trading robots so it is worth mentioning that we rarely see any drawdown percentage lower than about 10 to 15%…but we were joyed to see proof that FAP Turbo has a tiny drawdown percentage of only 0.35% – these are crazy numbers, but the proof is there.

So how are these numbers even possible in such a volatile market such as this? Well on closer review (see link at bottom of page for full review) it was noted that the software makes its recommendations on longer term trades. This explains how FAP Turbo is able to achieve such impressive stats. With wagering on trends you are more likely to see a return and a lot of the risks are mitigated

We also noticed even before trying out the software that the videos, screenshots and other elements of proof on their website are pretty consistent…because the back test results and the live results share a similar pattern of equity growth, whereas many bogus schemes will show inconsistencies in their results because their back tests are falsified to inflate the true performance (using different rules in demo mode compared to real live trading).

So to wrap things up here, go check out the substantial evidence and the impressive trading figures on the FAP Turbo website to see it all for yourself. When you consider that these stats have been maintained for nearly 10 years now, it’s hard to resist giving this type of forex trading robot a go.

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