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Online Trading Tips

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by Jens Jackson

Investing is not easy as anyone that has been around for awhile will tell you. You put your own hard earned money on the line and when you get it wrong, it hurts. You need other traders to share with you their investing knowledge. It is very expensive to learn the hard way all the lessons that you need to learn. You can find an online investing message forum or blog. There is a lot of free information that would cost you money elsewhere but that is free on the Internet. You need to hook up with the right people to learn how to make money investing in stocks.

You have probably heard the cliche two heads are better than one, and that three heads are better than two. Imagine having thousands of people with a common interest in investing to share knowledge with. Think about just how much you can learn by sharing and listening to stories from fellow investors, experienced and inexperienced alike. I am not only talking about investing with respect to this learning: you may be surprised with how much you can learn from other people, never mind the fact that they are only online and not communicating personally. Socializing, at any level, is the spice of life, so why not integrate something as complicated as investing with the simple act of communicating with other people? Investing blogs make sure that you learn, while enjoying the benefits that socializing brings as well.

Make sure you read the rules for the website or blog before joining. Each website will have its own set of rules they want you to follow. Also, you should check out a website’s reputation with other traders. If you see comments being deleted on a regular basis, stay away from that website. Websites that put amateur moderators in charge are usually bad websites to be on. The reason is that they restrict the free flow on information and knowledge. Anyone who exercises the power of deletion as a moderator is someone who does not care about giving everyone their right to free speech. If they are willing to trample free speech, what else are they willing to do: take money from your trading account? So take some time researching a stock blog or message forum before getting addicted to their content.

Enjoying others’ online company, while learning how and where to invest your money, is the main reason behind the existence of any online investment club. Pick one for yourself, and watch your investments increase in value.

Make sure you do not become the victim of a pump and dump small cap stocks scam. Look at the stocks the club, message forum, or blog is constantly focusing on. Are they small caps? Small caps have low liquidity which means they are the easiest stocks to push up. You should make sure that they are not buying small caps then hyping those small caps and selling after your buying pushes the stock higher.

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