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Although the consequences of the economic recession can be felt by everyone not all people experience recession in the same way as some people are more deeply affected by these consequences. The investors will have to pay attention to the economic recession because they are expected to encounter higher deficits than common people.

By comparison with the price of euro which is established by taking into consideration the evolution of the international economy, the price of gold is generated by the rate of expansion or reduction in demand and supply. Therefore buying gold instead of euro represents a more secure investment due to the fact that the incidence of rise and fall in the gold price is quite limited.

The gold supply is quite scarce. Taking into consideration the fact that the evolution of the international economy varies a lot the price of euro can decrease dramatically impeding thus the investors to avoid possible deficits.

It is not only safe but also profitable to buy gold. The gold price has more than doubled since 2008 when the economic crisis started while euro suffered an important rate of depreciation in this period. The appraisal of gold price can be justified by the fact that in times of economic crisis the demand for gold rises on behalf of the investment stability that gold offers. The gold price rise directly proportional with the appraisal of gold demand.

There are only few European countries that overcame recession. It is expected for the economic recession to continue to affect many countries of the European Union in the close future. This will directly affect the gold price which might become higher in the coming 3 years. Therefore if you buy gold now at a suitable price you should not doubt that will make a substantial profit latter on by simply selling your gold for a better price.

Make a substantial profit in time by buying gold !

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