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How To FSBO The Right Way

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Selling your home by yourself has numerous advantages. But since we are in a buyer’s market, selling a property can be difficult because of the competition. Perhaps you might have asked yourself if your property is measuring up to the houses sold by real estate agent. Somehow you get a boost in your confidence when a friend has sold a home all by himself quickly and profitable. But why is your home not selling? There are factors that play a significant role in determining whether a house will sell or not.

1. Your cost is too high – Don’t assume that your emotional attachment can add up to your asking price. There are methods on how to make the price of your home reasonably high for its look and location.

2. No Curb Appeal – If you would like to make sure that your residence could get the extra attention from possible buyers, so make that everything is in excellent condition from the outside to the inside. Now you have a reason to have a higher asking selling price.

3. Marketing and Advertising is poor – There are more things that you have to do than just putting an FSBO sign in the yard, employing a very creative advertising in the local paper, or posting on Craigslist, Facebook or Twitter. You have to ask whether you are targeting specific audience on your posting or you are just posting for the sake of posting.

4. The interior looks in the 80s – You don’t want potential buyers to just stop at the exterior. Curb appeal is just the start and it continues to the interior. But what happens if your kitchen, cabinets, counters, walls, and appliance looked nice in the 80s? It is 2011 so it’s time to update your home. You don’t have to buy high tech ones, but you can have a fresh paint job, or change the knobs and handles. Make it neutral and clean from the outside to the inside and don’t forget to remove the clutter. Moreover, finish the interior by spraying a deodorizer for that clean smell.

5. No payment details – Not all potential buyers have a clue on what they are going to pay so what you can do is to find a mortgage lender and ask them to calculate everything for you including down payments and interest rates.

Always check if your Realtor is carrying out his duty and not just simply listing your property and then finish. Selling a property on your own is not as straightforward as you imagined it to be so try promoting your house just like in a business transaction. Take note that you are promoting ‘the’ house so constantly make your self available or have someone available to show your home daily to possible purchasers.

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home all by yourself, think twice. homes for sale in Pearland deserve careful marketing and selling. With agents, you are sure that selling Real Estate in Buford GA will turn into a success.

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