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by Paul Brown

Gold bullion is the safest haven during an economic crisis and therefore it is the wisest investment asset till date.

Do you want to know why you must invest in gold and not anything else now? Well, there are many reasons and some of the most important points are noted herein:

– Investors usually flock to precious metals like gold bullion as one of the safest haven and the only potential way of increasing wealth. With the continuing crisis in the investment banks and the Wall Street turmoil, investors are now in the look out for safe havens, and gold is just that. Historically, gold is known for holding its value and is an experts pick for expanding your portfolio as well as increasing the performance potentially. In fact, the value of gold has increased over 150% since the year 2001.

– The value of gold can never be zero. In place of equities, in which the values are always fluctuating ” from a very high level it can come right down to zero in a very short time, gold can never lose its value to become zero. When other markets are collapsing, gold has actually witnessed great highs in values when you trade gold, which has been a traditional trend of gold and helps people make quick flight to better quality. Gold investment also allows individuals to accumulate more assets which further protect the wealth when the equities and the global market are facing negative territories.

– Gold investments give better opportunities for diversification. Experts usually advocate diversification in investment by including gold to the investment portfolio as a better method to improve the overall performance and to provide stability. You can consider gold bullion coins in a fluctuating market or negative economic environment ” they are known to be rock solid investments that would definitely fetch you good results consistently.

You can buy gold in any market condition ” be it high or low. The value of gold doesnt ever go down dramatically. Even if the value decreases, it would be just of a negligible amount.

Buy gold anytime you want to; preferably in the form of coins or bullions and sell gold off in small quantities when the market conditions are at its peak. That would be a wise business decision. However, if you are planning your retirement and youve thought of gold, always invest in gold coins and/ or bullions. Gold can give you huge returns and above all you get stable returns when you trade gold.

However, if you want to invest for your retirement and your choice is gold, always choose gold bullions and /or gold coins.

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