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Are you searching for a report of the Forex robot called GBPBOT? This automated trading software is meant to forecast market trends based on technical analysis using its complex internal algorithms. It makes use of many strategies and live testing results in the past couple of months which has seen its successful trading rate hit 98.44%.

Combining the power of 9 different Forex Expert Advisors, GBPBOT is capable of trading in 3 currency pairs on autopilot safely, utilizing a set of stop loss rules to minimize losses and maximize winning trades.

Review of the GBPBOT Automated Trading Software

If you are aware of the latest happenings in the Forex trading industry, I am sure that you have already heard of all the discussion and hype surrounding this trading robot based on the GBP currency. Looking at my beta testing results with it and comparing them against other Expert Advisors, I have certainly found this one to be much more consistent and less risky than the others.

Can You Really Trust the GBPBOT To Handle Your Forex Transactions For You?

I know exactly how scary it can be to leave your own hard earned money in the hands of a computer program because I once used to be in the exact same position. Many professional traders around the world have tried these robots and have found them to be very safe and profitable. However, this would greatly depend on their own internally programmed algorithms.

Which Currency Pair Does the GBPBOT Trade On?

The main currency pair that this robot analyzes and trades is the GBP/JPY pair, working with very different indicators and trend analysis tools as compared to other Forex software. Instead of only showing the back test results which can be very different from its actual performance, the owner of GBPBOT has also put up the live testing results of the robot that is almost the same as how it is supposed to work in a real money account.

Is GBPBOT a scam? Visit to read a report about this new Forex Robot to find out the truth and get a complimentary FREE GBPBOT Bonus Download worth $1,042!

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