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by Karielle Samstad

In the past, the forex market was open only to long-term investors, banks and people who had great capitals. An agent or voice broker made the trading transactions and kept the clients informed on what was happening. Later on, the computerized automated systems took over and replaced this method. This was the early form of a forex trading strategy.

A forex trading strategy has two major elements:

1) Technical Analysis.

The technical analysis is based on charts and it observes the market movements using a mathematical formula. The traders learn about announcements and news on economics that may impact the forex markets. Its fundamental side is helpful in proper identification of what should be done and what should not.

This type of analysis is helpful in determining the areas of resistance and support thanks to its use of chart indicators. It reveals where the price reverses, where it stops or where it remains with no change. A very popular and preferred method to calculate the levels of resistance and support due to its accuracy is Fibonacci, which is a sequential number form and its proportions are found in nature such as sunflower seeds, and pineapple rinds.

If the Fibonacci numbers are put next to each other, the percentage ratios can be obtained and plotted on the chart. The good news is that the charting forex software does the Fibonacci sequence for you. As you move along the charts, the key areas of resistance and support are potentially revealed to you. The Fibonacci sequence combined with proper indicators can show the strength and momentum of the latest market condition and it helps you create a strategy that can be profitable to you. And since history repeats itself, what has happened before in the forex market can still happen in the future.

2) Fundamental Analysis.

Each day, there are figures being disseminated to reveal some economic circumstances of a particular country that can have unpredictable effects on the forex market, like non-farm payrolls. The impact will depend on the previous data and the figures implications. An important advice for beginners and even for veterans is to keep away from the market when certain announcements and events take place.

Forex trading profits are being made almost similar to a traditional business. The procedure is very simple. You are going to buy something at a lower price then sell it at a higher price. The only difference is that in forex trading this can be reversible.

It is a simple process. A trade is being placed either in the sell or buy categories. Then the base currency will automatically buy or sell its opposite currency in pairs. The price will lively change every second. For instance, you purchase the GBP/USD pair. It means that you have purchased the pound currency and sold the dollar currency. You want a rise on the pounds value which will later on have a higher price when you resell it in the forex market. That would make a profit on the value difference.

If the brokers allow you to have 200:1 capital leverage, then you can possibly control a lot of money than what you really have. It is because you have bought one currency and sold the other. So, your capital can stay unmoved. The only crucial part which should be considered are the proportions which can be either gained or lost whenever changes in currency pair values occurs.

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