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Online Trading Tips

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Forex Trading Facts.

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Forex trading is a sophisticated market that was occupied by major banks and brokers, although now it could and is being infiltrated by the ordinary JO but it does not mean he can benefit from it easily.

Foreign currency trading was and will be for ever, it’s the wheel behind global finance, and to get into such monsters island you need to learn and train to be a monster as well, they do not take prisoners and they do not forgive.

If you are trying to get into forex trading market, you need to accept this fact, “You can and will lose money”; forex trading is a zero sum game. Smarter more savvy traders will earn money, and you better believe it some of them are making millions of dollars on monthly basis, but JO and you will more than likely lose money if not all their money trying.

Here are some tips from John to Jo if I may:

To try your luck in the foreign currency world, don’t rely on luck, start learning the basics of forex trading and all the parameters and its meaning before using your first dollar. If you think you have good luck, try poker. Forex is more than a science of how to identify small changes with each pair of currencies, what is the connection between all kind of currencies and what is the trading process.

You can not jump into an ocean before learning at least how to swim, and forex is a huge stormy ocean. But you don’t need to go to forex school, and honestly I don’t recommend any offline forex course at all. The best way is to have a good reliable online course that you can join, with online courses you can save all the materials and re-learn it when ever you need to, you will also be updated with the newest information, technology, strategies and news. We think that Peter Ben Forex Mentor course is the best yet you can read about it here Learn Forex Trading .

Currencies are not like stock! You can’t just buy a currency and hold on to it, hoping it will increase relative to the other currencies. You have to constantly buy and sell to make money. The overall graphs might show a trend over time, but if you look closely, the graph is a zig-zag line. This zig-zag is where you make money. Overall trends are worhtless, because this is not stock.

You will be trading through a Forex broker. This broker will take a percentage of the spread. The spread is the difference in your buying price and selling price. This is like a fee. This fee is payable whether you gain or lose. The more you gain or the more you lose the higher the fee that is payable to the broker.

You have to be emotionally detached. This is hard especially hard when faced with mounting losses. The key here is not to throw good money after bad. Can you give up a trade after investing and losing thousands of dollars, or will you be tempted to continue the trade hoping to reverse your loses?

A great way to eliminate this last factor “emotions”, is to use an automated forex robot, known also as “Expert Adviser”, I am convinced that 99% of expert traders are using one or more of these robots, if not to make the trade, as a secondary help and point of view.

Forex robots are, I think, a must have with your forex trading, but do not purchase a robot, install it and keep your full manual trading. Use the robot, let it make some trades for you and see how the money in your account changes. .

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