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Forex Ripper Review

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Is Forex Ripper a scam? This robot typically makes about 2 to 4 trades every day using day trading and scalping strategies. Being a fully automated robot makes it capable of identifying all the opportunities according to the trade selection rules programmed by its owner.

After having the opportunity to give this robot a test, I have found it to be slightly more sophisticated in its use of indicators and price patterns. Fortunately, it is still very simple to understand and can be learned by all beginners who have no experience in trading.

1. How Does Forex Ripper Compare Against Other Automated Trading Robots?

The accurate technical indicators help you identify highly accurate trades and exit losing trades quickly with low draw downs. You may also find that this robot makes fewer trades when compared to other day trading and scalping Expert Advisors. This is because its trading system is based on finding highly probable winning trades; therefore you can also expect it to make fewer trades of about 2 to 4 every day.

2. Do Automated Trading Robots Such As Forex Ripper Really Work?

I remember that there used to be a period of time when I was extremely skeptical about this type of trading robots after one of them lost half of my years manual trading earnings. Different robots will have been programmed with radically different trading styles. Some will have very low stop losses whereas others can allow huge losing trade positions to develop before closing the trade. Fortunately, my beta tests have shown that Forex Ripper works with very low draw-downs and controls risks very well for me.

3. Why Is It A Particular Good Time to Start Using the Forex Ripper Now?

The years from 2010 onwards will prove to be very good years to make money in the currencies due to the turmoil in the financial markets. This is causing a huge increase in the number of trades being placed and the trend directions of certain specific currency pairs have become very clear. In my opinion and many years of trading Forex, not trading them is as good as leaving money on the table.

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