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by Jeff Pawel

eToro, based out of Limassol Cyprus, is a relatively new online forex broker with an interesting twist that helps new traders come up to speed fast. Beginner forex traders will be entertained as they learn via an ingenious graphical user interface. Many have difficulty at first understanding how forex works and this platform does a good job of explaining the process via a video game like interface.

There are four trading areas in the eToro lobby. Forex Marathon uses characters representing currencies that compete in a forex race. For instance, the US Dollar is a farmer, the Japanese Yen a sumo wrestler and the Euro a European businessman. The idea is you choose a currency to buy, pick the currencies to compete against, select an amount and click to open the trade. In a few clicks the marathon comes to life on your computer screen and shows how your currency/runner is doing against the rest of the field.

The Dollar Trend is next in the lobby and here you basically choose whether the US dollar will rise or fall against other currencies or your choosing. Graphically its the same as Forex Marathon where the currencies race against each other this time in the form of coins.

The Globe Trader is the next area in the lobby. After making a selection youll see a wire signal that represents your trade as well as competing countries on the trade arena map. An info box above the wire will show how your trade is doing from a profit standpoint as well as provide a detailed breakdown in the map.

Finally, Forex Match is a graphical tug-of-war between currencies representative of your trade.

An overall theme in the eToro platform is community. You can compete against others in the aforementioned forex games with cash prizes awarded to the champion. The Championship & Chat area tracks high scores similar to a video game and users can chat with each other in real time.

The above illustrates an innovative forex learning tool, but eToro has an area where one can trade for real. You can fund your account via credit card or wire transfer. With a credit card the minimum is $50 and maximum is $1,000 with a $5,000 monthly cap. Wire transfer minimum is $500, max of $5,000 and a cap of $5,000.

eToro is more of an experience than your garden variety online forex broker. It teaches like no other but is layered over a solid live platform. Open a free demo account and find out for yourself how fun forex trading can really be.

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