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by Taylor Bans

I like a good return on my investments, and I thought that ETFs, while a safe investment, probably wouldn’t bring the returns I wanted on my money. The low buy in cost with the low risk makes them attractive, but the yields can be disappointing and I considered them a long term strategy.

A friend of mine told me about ETF Trading Signals and said he was doing better with his ETF investments since he started subscribing to the service. I was skeptical, but I took a look and did some investigating. ETF Trading Signals changed the way I looked as ETFs as an investment instrument. While the returns were less than I make on some of my hot stocks, the risk was a lot lower. I decided to try it out.

Generally ETFs are long term investments. Unlike the techniques of hot stocks or trend following, most people who invest in ETFs are in it for the long haul. That means your capital is tied up and your returns may not be as high as you would like. ETF Trading Signals gives you a heads up on which ETFs are making the most profits, so you can buy and sell ETFs like you would any other issue.

So by using the alerts and tips from ETF Trading Signals, you can increase your profits without increasing your risks. There are some advantages to ETFs in addition to the low risk. The buy in on ETFs is relatively low. Even if you don’t have a lot to invest, you can buy into ETFs. If you have a strategy to buy and sell ETFs, you can make a reasonably good profit. You do have to pay an annual fee though, as with any mutual fund.

I’m not ready to give up any of my other investment strategies, but adding ETFs to my portfolio has been a good idea. Part of keeping your money safe is in diversifying your investments so that losses in one area are covered by gains in another. ETFs are part of that strategy. ETF Trading Signals isn’t always right, but so far their predictions have held up for me. With ETFs, you’re more likely to sell because of low returns rather than because of any losses.

This market may not be for everyone. i like to keep my investments diverse for the best returns. I still use hot stock and trend following strategies and I have a little action going in Forex as well. ETFs are an addition to my other market methods and it is one more thing to watch, but I believe its a good investment. You can still, of course, buy ETFs as a long term investment if you aren’t interested in keeping up with all the markets ups and downs.

So far, by following ETF Trading Signals I’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve and make more on my investments than I expected to when I decided to enter this market. I often make more with my other methods, but I also risk more and I have taken heavy losses on hot stocks in the past. The risk is so much lower for ETFs, that I’m more likely to sell because I’m not happy with the return than because of any financial loss on the issue.

Look into ETFs as a long or short term investment and check out ETF Trading Signals to find out which issues are most likely to bring the best yields. This may be the best market for the small investor, because of the low risk factor. I’ve done better with this than I thought was possible.

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