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Homeowners choose to sell their properties all by themselves even if there are more additional work because they want to save money in real estate fees. Sales commissions normally average from 7% of the sale price of the home so by selling a property privately a homeowner can actually save thousands of dollars. And not only that, a homeowner will have total control in showing the house as well as in contract negotiations. As oppose to listing their homes with a real estate agent, a homeowner handles the sale of his/her property and this process is commonly called FSBO, or For Sale By Owner.

FSBO properties have several advantages, but agents and Realtors knows that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Figures in surveys suggest that only 6-7% of properties are sold through FSBO. If you can save thousands of dollars from FSBO, then why can’t you sell your house all by yourself?

1. You are not as informed and updated as the real estate agents are. Take note that provisions regarding home selling change from time to time.

2. Competition in the real estate market is tough, how much more if you are competing against real estate agents. Chances are, you might end up losing because you have limited knowledge on how to market and price your home well without lowering price too much.

3. You have to be prepared with the tons of preparation involved in selling your property like doing some repairs, staging your home, promoting it and so on.

4. Marketing your home needs a lot of contacts. But since you have limited contacts unlike real estate agents, you might find it hard reaching out to potential home buyers. Remember that for you to have more chances of getting a lot of good offers; you have to have a lot of access where you can use it to reach a lot of people.

5. Since you are so emotionally attached to your home, there are chances that you are going to price your home too high because it should be valued more. In some cases, you might get hurt if potential buyers offer less than your price.

Working with a real estate agent is a must. With real estate agents, you are sure that your property is getting the maximum exposure and technical inputs.

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home all by yourself, think twice. Homes in Mesa Arizona deserve careful marketing and selling. With agents, you are sure that selling Salt Lake City UT Homes will turn into a success.

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