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As Realtors, we are often asked, “When will be the perfect time to move?” This is a difficult query, one we cannot solve for you. A lot of people are asking concerning cost, do they vary all year long? NO. Just the quantity of homes within the market adjusts; certainly the number of buyers changes too. Hopefully this short article will help you make this decision for yourself and your family.

Time of Year

A common “urban legend” is that you get extra funds for your house in the spring. This is only not right. Seasons have no impact on just how much you acquire for your home, but it does affect how much competition you have. True, several individuals seek to acquire a place in the spring. At the same period, there are more houses on the properties market for you to contest with. Sadly, this is also the time of year when all the “window shoppers” are out. These are crowd looking for restoration ideas, or who are simply “killing an afternoon” looking at open houses. In the winter you will have fewer showings… but they’ll be genuine buyers. So, should you NOT sell in the spring? Not at all. There is no excellent or terrible time of the year to sell your home. The best time is when you are financially and emotionally prepared to transfer. Not in advance, and not after.


Many parents wait until the end of a school year before moving the family. At first look, this makes much of significance. Let them finish the year in comfortable surroundings, and don’t disrupt their lives until summer holidays have started. But contemplate this… Children need friends to play with. By moving the children a few of months sooner than the end of the period, they’ve the ability to bump into their new friends within the new neighborhood. By having these friends, the change would be more relaxed and less perplexing for the children. And parents?!? If the children have friends to play with… they will not be underfoot while you’re trying to empty out and organize the property!

Time is on your side

The very fact that you have time on your side can save you thousands. Various sellers that have hold back have place themselves in a “have to sell” setting, and have had to accept offers for less than what they sought after. The fact is, when you have time on your side you won’t feel compelled to accept a bid that’s less than what you yearn for.

Your next property could cost more

If you’re purchasing an additional property that’s more luxurious, you could cost yourself plenty. For instance, let’s say you’re selling a $100,000 property and looking to buy a $150,000 property. If both properties appreciate at the same rate of 3% over the next six months, you secure $3,000 on your existing property. Then again, the $150,000 property will now cost you $154,500 or a net loss of $1,500. The best proposal is to get into the home you want; before it gets out of reach for you!

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