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Declared as one of America’s most beautiful homes, Hoquiam’s Castle is a true heritage for the good people of the town in Washington State. The splendidly crafted 19th century Victorian period house is listed in both state and national historic registries. Hoquiam’s castle pays tribute to the tenacity and elegance of those who established the town and its beauty and coziness can be experienced by weary travelers as guest as it is more popularly known today as Hoquiam’s Castle Bed and Breakfast!

In 1897 Robert Lytle began construction of his 10,000 sq. ft. home on an area that overlooked the logging town of Hoquiam, a town which logger’s built back in the 1850’s. Lytle made his fortune in this same trade by introducing the first electric saw mill in the west coast.

The castle was completed after three years in 1900. The Lytle’s called it their home for the next 10 years until the family transferred to Portland in 1910. The Hoquiam castle was then given as a wedding gift by the generous Lytle’s to their niece Theadosia Bale who called it her home up to the latter part of the 1950’s until her death.

After Theodosia Bale’s demise the castle was left unused for quite some time, and was the object for children’s adventurous streaks of curiosity and occasional trespassing. The mansion was then bought by the Watson family in 1968, it was this family that began the restoration of the house and the antique collection that graces the inside of the Castle. The Watson’s also began the tours of the castle, which gave the residents the chance to personally appreciate the architecture and relevance of the home to theirs prestige as a community.

The castle became a mouthpiece for what was and still is good about the town and the people who call it their home. It is one of the witnesses to the towns colorful and eventful past of lumberjacks and railroads, of memories and relations that forever make the town of Hoquiam what is it to its residents and visitors, the warm feeling of a fatherly embrace welcoming you back but reminding you at the same time what’s nice and good about being alive.

Hoquiam castle as it is more widely known today, as a bed and breakfast was made possible by an enterprising couple, David and Linda Carpenter who made expended great effort in rebuilding the mansion to its original splendor, converting the castle into a bed and breakfast that offers five magnificent rooms that befit a castle and will give that warm, cozy and of course secure feeling that anyone would expect when staying in a castle.

Donna Grow purchased the castle in 2004 and continues to operate it as a bed and breakfast, offering five bedrooms that is in the town’s standards fit for royalty, the kings suite and the queen’s suite, which offers a magnificent view of the harbor, the princess suite which maintains the original bath and toilet dating back to the year 1900, the knight’s room, with a Lincoln bed and the maid’s room, which is still being used by the proprietor but can be reserved with a weeks notice from those who want to enjoy this particular room.

The city is always a place where heritage and tradition is celebrated and honored with internationally renowned events like the Logger’s Playday and the bird watching activities in Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge. Natural, warm, nurturing attention something the City of Hoquiam and its Castle is never short of.

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