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by James Larson

There are many differences between day trading and investing. Day traders aim to make small profits many times by buying large numbers of shares and selling them within short periods of time to profit from small same day movements. Day traders can make several trades in one day and even hold stocks for a few hours or minutes before they sell them back.

Day trading is more like speculating it is not investing. Some say that day trading is like gambling in some ways but I disagree. It doesn’t offer the possible security investing can offer but it is far from gambling. Day traders analyze what is going on. They educate themselves about a specific company and arm themselves with statistical analysis.

Stock prices fluctuate constantly. Depending on how many people buy or sell a stock then the price changes. Day traders rely on this fact to make money. When a day trader has information that says a stock price will rise in the near future they will make a purchase and hold until right before the prices starts dropping again. It is these daily small fluctuations that the day trader depends on to make a profit.

Every day trader relies on the small stock price fluctuations. This is achieved by purchasing large numbers of stock and making a few cents per stock. In the end it ads up. At the same time though buying large numbers of stock expecting that prices will go up has its risks because prices can drop.

One similarity between day trading and investing is that both require practice. You wont become a day trade nor a successful investor overnight. You will win some and loose some by practicing but you need to learn how to let the information sink in before making any big decisions about your money.

The primary difference between an investor and a day trader is time and percentages. These two terms shouldn’t be confused because they are used to describe two different techniques.

Educating yourself about the techniques involved in day trading and investing is very important if you are starting out. You need to be able to spend some time and learn what is involved in the two processes.

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