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Despite what you may have heard bad credit personal loans after bankruptcy are available from some companies. Sometimes in fact some companies will offer them as little as 30 days after the bankruptcy discharge.

You see these companies rely on the fact that no individual after filing bankruptcy can do so again until seven years have passed and sometimes even longer.

So these companies are willing to do business with these people simply because they have a legal way to recover their investment in the future should things go bottom-up.

Although most traditional lenders simply will not grant bad credit personal loans after bankruptcy there are numerous lenders that fight over the market.

The truth is there are no laws that govern people in a bankruptcy that stops them from taking on these loans, although it is true that it probably wouldn’t be their first suggestion in their required counseling classes.

Following the discharge of the bankruptcy, individuals are free to seek bad credit personal loans after bankruptcy whenever they choose.

We all know that bankruptcy records are totally public and this very often causes people a lot of embarrassment and difficulties in getting by. For this reason people are often in a rush to get back on their feet and many feel that a personal loan after bankruptcy is the answer.

Some people are maybe a little bit too desperate and find themselves repeatedly having to file a bankruptcy in a continuous seven-year cycle. I’m afraid the new bankruptcy law has not managed to put an end to this.

No laws to stop you from getting a bad credit loan

At the time of writing there are not any laws in place to stop the individual from applying for these loans. There is however many laws to control those who offer the loans in the first place.

Many folks take out these loans despite the well-known fact that they come with very high rates, even folks who have been through multiple bankruptcies in the past still very often take them out.

Few, if any of the lenders offering bad credit personal loans after bankruptcy require any type of collateral for the money, even knowing there is a good chance the loan will go into default, the recourse available, including wage garnishment, make them a profitable business.

You see when someone defaults on one of these loans a court ordered repayment is commonly granted right away for however much the loan comes to, plus all costs involved with the collection of the loan.

Either way you are strongly advised to consult your lawyer on anything relating to this as bankruptcy and these kinds of loans are to be taken very seriously, also like in all markets there are scams to be avoided so you must check out any deal you are interested in very closely.

Bad Credit Personal Loans are only one of many topics one can read about at our How To File Bankruptcy website.

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