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Too many Boise real estate agents have been known for the wrong things, as opposed to being known for the good service they should provide. With such fears and concerns on their minds, many buyers simply forestall looking! Finding a trustworthy real estate agent should not be that difficult, and it is not. Allowing any idea to settle into your mind with out examining the other side is never a good pattern to set, so read the points listed below.

Myth #1: Boise real estate agents cannot make appointments on time

Nobody expects you to work with a real estate agent who does not show an appreciation for your time. Preventing an agent, or anyone for that matter, from wasting your time is a top priority so set up your next appointment with a different agent. Expecting punctuality is just another dimension of preparedness, so do not accept less than the best. Never accept any amount of disrespect or disregard from an agent you interview.

Myth #2: Agents have to show you homes on demand

Given that your real estate agent is going to be paid quite handsomely to sell the home he or she is showing you, cooperation should be an easy thing to get. Otherwise, the agent is under no obligation to show you anything. Unless you agree to sign a representation agreement, the real estate agent should not be working with you at all, given they have no way to recover money for their time and resources they spend while with you.

Myth #3: Title companies and lender are in cahoots with agents

Put simply, receiving kickbacks from a real estate vendor is against the law. Anyone caught violating the Real Estate Settlement And Procedures Act is susceptible to legal ramifications. With their license on the line, most agents make far too much money to worry about getting a little kickback from the title company.

Myth #3: Home inspectors recommended by the agent will always favor the agent

The home inspection is nearly always influence free in regard to the amount of persuasion any party has over the findings of it. Finding an agent who is willing to close on a home that he is aware of issues with, without notifying the buyer, is a real rarity, as it should be. In an industry where reputation is everything, and word travels fast, most agents simply are not willing to take a hit on their record for a few bucks. Most Boise real estate agents would indicate that it is not worth facing legal proceedings for hiding important facts about the inspection report. Knowing everything that is important in purchasing a home is a duty and right of any home buyer, so all Boise real estate agents involved should not hamper that effort. Before the close of the transaction, the seller will be required to make all repairs agreed to, on the repair addendum.

Myth #4: The racial and ethnic composition of a locale is obtainable through your agent

You are left to your own devices when it comes to making conclusions about the racial identity of neighborhoods and regions, because your agent is prohibited from doing so by federal law. More specifically, any information that can be considered discriminatory cannot be discussed. Even if you are asking about details for good reasons, such as wanting to live in a Jewish community so you can be surrounded by others of the same faith, your agent cannot provide you with information regarding the ethnic make-up of the community.

You can see the conflict of interests if the agent were allowed to present crime statistics to scare you into a more expensive neighborhood, or into buying a home in a certain fire district. Finding the important information is not hard as long as your Boise real estate agents office has that information on file and handy.

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