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The Forex market is one of the least understood markets in the financial. While trading on the Foreign Exchange can be profitable, it can also be fraught with danger. Because it is so little understood, it is also a market that has been exploited by fraudulent companies. Just a basic understanding of Forex signals of dangers to watch for can help protect you from being exploited.

At the most basic level, the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market is very easily understood. Anybody who has traveled abroad and exchanged their currency for that of another country has done a basic “forex” exchange. Deregulated currencies are in a constant state of flux, rising and falling in value as they are perceived as weak or strong.

The U. S. Dollar is the currency against which all currencies are compared. In recent years, the U. S. Dollar has weakened in value. A good example of how currencies change in value is the United States dollar versus the Australian dollar. Before the U. S. Housing bubble burst, one Australian dollar was worth between 75 and 80 U. S. Cents. If it dipped below that, it was usually because of some perceived or real weakness in the Aussie economy.

When the U. S. Housing bubble burst and the recession came, the Aussie dollar began to rise steadily against the United States dollar. By 2010, it reached near parity with the dollar because investors saw it as relatively safe and secure.

The Forex market is always teeming with activity and currencies fluctuate in value. Investors buy and sell currencies depending on a number of economic and political conditions, so the market is volatile and in many ways unpredictable. While the risks of trading in the Forex market are on a par with many other investments, the greatest risks are often with the institution you trust your money with.

While there has been a huge boom in Forex trading, there has not been a corresponding boom in understanding how it works. So many people have been enticed by fraudulent companies into investing their money with them that the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has published an extensive warning to consumers about these Forex scams.

They cite several things investors should be wary of. These include promises of guaranteed high returns on your investments, false assurances that any losses will be minimal and temporary, claims that the Forex Market is “foolproof” if you use their “system” and other completely unsubstantiated claims. They also point out that these scammers target senior citizens who are just gaining access to their retirement funds. Many older people who have fallen for these frauds have lost their entire retirement savings.

Keep an eye out for these Forex signals and stay away from this market until you are well-versed in all the ramifications of it. While it can be an exciting and profitable market to get involved in, it is not one for the uninformed.

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