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Something that all young people learn upon leaving for college or perhaps post-high school work away from home is how to manage money right, an endeavour that causes quite a bit of learning pains. Accompanying this rite of passage is the important lesson that things do not get better if learning money management gets put off constantly. To ease the transition into financial independence, young people are learning to turn to using checkbook software and recording in the checkbook register.

A checkbook register or a transaction register is a ledger or register used for recording transactions involving a bank account. Unlike the monthly statement, the register keeps track of money coming in and going out at all times. Monthly statements are useful but become immediately outdated upon the occurrence of the first transaction. In addition, mistakes in the monthly statement can only be caught through diligence and record keeping with another tool.

If the checkbook register is useful, checkbook software can be a even greater lifesaver for the financially disorganized. Unlike the register, entries in checking software can be sorted in myriad ways and then displayed immediately. Want to see the biggest expenses month after month? Sort by dollar amount. Want to see how often you eat out? Sort by payee category. A single mouse click can show your expenses in ways never seen before.

Tracking phone expenses is another activity possible with the checkbook software. One can save money by seeing how it compares month after month. It is not unexpected that you own an out of date phone plan and are paying too much every month for your phone costs. Find a good personal budgeting site and enter all the pertinent information regarding your current mobile phone plan, then you can compare it to plans that are offered on the market today. You will find a index of cell phone plans that are appropriate for you when you visit a comprehensive consumer advice website.

If one buys a large appliance, the expense should be recorded to help with warranty and other issues later. A sizable appliance can drain your budget when you buy it and then continue to drain your budget when you run it, due to the energy it consumes. Good consumer website inform the consumer to double check energy requirements and the energy star rating of any appliance under consideration for purchase. During the course of a year, consumers may be able to save quite a bit on energy expenses.

Lastly, health insurance and other monthly recurring costs are also good things to record in checkbook software. Your job may help you to get lower insurance rates – if you are in a low-risk (safe) position, your insurance may cost you less. If you are a person who works a “low-risk” job (ex: accountant, teacher) you may be able to get reduced health insurance rates. You can get your prescriptions at reduced rates from national chains.

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