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by Richard U. Olson

If you’re interested in trading on the Forex market even while you sleep, work or any other tie when you cannot be in front of a computer, automated Forex trading software is for you. Thanks to technological advances, software such as this which once cost thousands is now available for as little as $100! Best of all, you can immediately begin using this software on the popular trading platforms used by hundreds of Forex brokers all over the world. All of this is possible thanks to automated Forex trading and the software is being used by the pros and newcomers alike.

What you can gain by using automated Forex trading software?

– Automated Forex trading robots can trade around the clock in all of the popular currency pairs and this is impossible to do manually.

– Trading robots are available for less than $100. There are a number of automated Forex trading packages which interoperate with Meta Trader 4, a platform used by hundreds of currency trading brokers all over the world.

– Forex trading robots operate strictly on algorithm of the trading software and are not swayed by any emotional response.

– Forex auto-trading software has a demo mode and can be tested and optimized using demo accounts before taking them into live trading.

There are features which any automated Forex trading software you are considering should have. There’s a lot of confusion out there about software, especially among new traders. You should never by automated Forex trading software which does not meet these 9 criteria:

1. The ability to give you an edge in trading through thorough analysis of current market conditions.

2. Mathematical modeling of market movements should be used (the Fibonacci formula) to make trades which have the best chances of being profitable.

3. There must be a money management program integrated in the software which lets traders make profitable trades even in unfavorable market conditions.

4. Your automated Forex trading software should be able to decide exactly when to make trades to maximize your profits by looking at the big picture of the currency markets to identify trends.

5. Automated Forex trading software should leave your position open for as long as you are still making money on a trade – and know when to close the deal.

6. Watches the behavior of currency pairs in many different markets simultaneously and keeps track of the movements of markets over time to let you see the trends in the Forex market as a whole.

7. The software has to work with the Meta Trader 4 platform

8. The software is user-oriented and follows the “Keep it Simple Stupid” approach for effective and profitable trades.

9. It should have a demo mode. If you’re not ready for live trading, then use a demo account to make any adjustments needed on the software and to familiarize yourself with the settings offered by the trading software.

The automated Forex Trading software is for beginners in Forex trading and financial experts. Even though it does not requires you to have any trading experience or knowledge in the Forex market it is best to pick up some basics on Forex trading from the course at the link below.

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