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by Phil Jarvie

Many of us have traded stocks and shares of the past decades. Some of us even got into trading options and warrants. But only in recent years have the powers and the advent of the Internet allowed us day traders to enter the World of 4x trading. Banks and large brokers kept us out of what they saw as their exclusive domains. But with the Internet, and quite simple to use 4x software, 4x trading is in our hands now forever.

This has been an excellent thing too, as it has grown the liquidity of the market multiple times over. Just as it has brought a flurry of speculators to trade in the World’s largest market place – currency exchange it has bought a greater level of transparency. We can now all see and be involved with the effect news has on the world’s currencies and economies.

Way back before the 4x trading doors opened up for us smaller players, I remember Kerry Packer (Australia’s richest man before he died). This probably preceded 4x software tools we enjoy today, and I’m sure his 4x traders were pounding the phones with buy and sell orders as much as they were glued to their computers for 4x trading news.

In fact in the history of Australia and the 4x market for currency, only the Reserve Bank of Australia exhibited similar levels of influence as did Kerry Packer – a man known to take large gambles.

So, we hundreds of thousands of 4x traders will soon be joined by millions of people new to 4x trading, and I think it is reasonable for an even larger range of 4x software to emerge over time.

If you can remember the different between Windows 3.1 and Windows XP etc, then you can imagine how far 4x software will develop over the next 10-20 years when there is an added few million 4x traders then also involved.

They say the 4x market is the largest in the world with 3 trillion dollars traded daily. Certainly India and China’s national trade are included in that as far as their export trading is concerned. However, what is not yet involved in every day 4x trading are their affluent populations. And trust me, they will be all over it soon enough.

It won’t be long before a veritable army of Chinese investors will turn the heat up on the 4x trading arena. The stock market here has risen 80% since January 2009, and real estate prices have leapt by 35%. All that real wealth from booming businesses will all soon find a way into forex soon enough.

Awash with cash, growing at an amazing rate, laying down massive road and rail infrastructure, barely noticing the collapse of exports with the demise of USA and European markets, China is astutely evaluating where to park its foreign reserves. The USA holding $2,000,000,000,000 ($2,000 billion) is surely holding enough. Any devaluation of the US$ against the RMB surely must be of concern.

And there is much talk of the need for a World currency other than the US$ to provide stability at a time where clearly the USA is insolvent. Just as there is talk of bring the RMB into the World stage as one of the solid currencies just as we have the Japanese yen. 4x trading will come into a new light if we have the RMB as one side of a currency pair with which to trade.

I personally don’t remember how the Japanese Yen became a major 4x currency. But at one stage Japan was the largest economy in the World and so it seems natural to have USD and JPY as a 4x currency pair. China is the new financial super power. Do the math.

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