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Archive for June, 2010


Kitchen Renovation Ideas

1. Kitchen Lighting

“Proper Lighting” is one of the most important factors of renovation. No matter how good the interior design is, if you do not have proper lighting, you will not be able to see the beauty of your kitchen. So include plenty of lighting in your renovation project. Remember that natural lighting is still the best, do not resort on installing too many light bulbs. Having large windows in your kitchen is the best option. It is not only a good source of sunlight it also provides fresh air into the kitchen.

2. Kitchen Cabinets

Technology can be found in every corner of our homes, offices as well as malls. It has made a monumental impact on our everyday life. Some would blame the advent of technology for some unfortunate events in each country all over the world. But whether we admit it or not, technology has made our lives enjoyable, easier and fun.

Technology is not just a hit to people who love gadgets; it has also worked its way to the designers. Even activities as complicated as designing can be done with the aid of computers, ranging from the consumer retail market, real-estate offices, to the manufactured home industry. How interesting is that?

Most people may suppose that getting a renovation contractor is easy. Truth of the matter is, it is not. Not everyone who can handle a hammer can be a contractor. It is critical to research about your renovation contractor and affirm that they are qualified, skilled, reliable and have integrity. There are a lot of renovation contractors here in Singapore, but it is quite challenging to identify the perfect one and best one that can cater to your needs. There are a number of Singapore renovation contractors that offer quality workmanship at practical and appropriate costs.

Renovation is the manner of improving a structure. It can either be for residential or a commercial purposes. Before engaging in any renovation, a careful selection of a renovation contractor is critical. It can be disappointing to employ a con-artist but it’s better to employ the best.

The reconstruction may be simple as in bathroom restructuring or residential adjustments for people, or it can also be complicated as in with elevators or bedroom annexing. Either way, there will come to a point when we require professional assistance. Depending on the job, the renovation contractor will definitely be close and present most often to familiarize and monitor the scheme. Desirably, the renovation contractor is a local, on who is familiar with the law governing on renovations and buildings.


Gold – Is It Currency?

To answer this question we need to take a brief look at the history of money. Money was invented as a direct answer for mainly two needs: fast economic exchange tool and real value depository. In this context, real value means a value which has a direct correspondent in goods (and later, in services). From this angle, money is a representation of economic value and a widely adopted convention used to facilitate economic value exchange and circulation.

There are a few different types of option traders. Some option traders are very aggressive, and they can really be called day traders. This type of trader uses a lot of money, and they are in and out of trades all day long. Option traders that trade this way do not usually hold a position overnight. It’s a very stressful way to trade and requires constant attention. I once had a conversation with a day trader who was working about 60 to 80 hours per week in order to successfully trade options this way. But I wonder how successful he really was. Because if he was making so much money, then why did he call me to learn a new way to trade options?

Stock trading masters, here is your weekend technical analysis on SPY for trading on Monday, June 28 2010.

The logic for why we examine the weekly chart to start with, despite the fact that we trade with a much shorter time frame is that initially we have got to determine the trend.

How many times have you been studying a time frame and taking an entry off a support or resistance line only to end up being surprised by a move you didn’t think was coming? This takes place because the price moves outside the time frame you were studying.