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Online Trading Tips

Archive for May, 2010

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Asset Protection Services


Owning Gold

Gold is, no doubt, one of the most precious metals available out there. Although, there are some who might question the value of gold over platinum, for example, and others who might declare that gold has been outperformed by silver, this metal remains an important asset worldwide.

Very many banks have started to buy gold, following the example of numerous nations who have started national political strategies based on accumulating this glittering metal. Take, for example, India who has bought last year 200 tons of the International Monetary Fund’s gold.

Regardless of what you might have been made to think, day trading can be a pretty easy, but yet lucrative, way to make funds – even from the ease and comfort of your property, furnished you have a personal computer with net access of course.

How to Make a Living with Day Trading

Without further ado, here are a couple of tips/advice on how to make a living with day trading:

We live in a world where money has taken different forms. Apart from credit cards, we have the traditional ones: banknotes and coins. Elsewhere in the world bills and coins are still what people use more often. There is another use of physical money, especially coins – collecting. Right since the gold rush, precious metals have been an attraction to people. For some reason, there are people who think that collecting precious stones or coins is not for them. Anyone can find coins within their budget. Jewels and antiques are usually out of rich of general public with prices going up to several million a piece. Whereas, anyone can afford to buy a 100 dollar coin even a kind. Investment in coins has strong reasons. Collectible and not nominal value is what makes coins desired by collectors. I would also classify a third type of value that makes gold and silver coins a great investment – the intrinsic value of the precious metals they are made of. Depending on the mintage and other parameters, the additional collectible value for collectors can differ. The price a collectible coin will never be lower in 10 years than it is now, precisely because of mintage and historical value. Even in bad years collectible coins appreciate 5-6% of their price.

Pro Forex Robot Designed by professional floor traders with individual success spanning nearly three decades! Other robots claim to be able to adapt to changing market conditions. Ron Carter has adapted to every change over the past 28 years and has come out ahead every single month with no more than a few days off a year. His career depended on accountability and performance, just like PFR! Ron employed two true math geniuses, one market algorithmic expert, three Metatrader programmers and last but not least his three floor trader partners. Taking only the floor traders combined experience into consideration, we’re talking a mind blowing 104 years trading! WHY DID WE DO IT: Ron put together his all-star team first and foremost to stay in the game. I bet you thought his reason was to make more money. Money is a secondary consideration at this point in Ron’s life. He has accrued what is best called generational wealth, with his kids and his kid’s kids not ever having to worry about working if they don’t want to.

Foreign currency trading is something that many individuals either have executed at one point in their lives or are doing. But few folks really know very much about forex trading at all. Fortunately, though, the art of trading is changing into increasingly common and properly often called increasingly individuals are taking discover to this hot means of buying and selling and possible technique of constructing an earnings as nicely, if finished with the appropriate preparation and guidance to doing so.

Forex trading has provided a new way of earning to many of the traders & the professionals are earning in millions through various currency trades. It’s quite easy to trade in forex and within very short time you can easily earn money with few successful trades. But its been observed that around 80% of people open the trade at the wrong time or close it at wrong time & ultimately loosing money rather then earning. It’s human mentality & thinking along with greed & fear forces us to take those wrong decisions. So what’s the solution?